Solo and Small Firm

Formed 7/1998
Provides continuing legal education to its members and assists members in achieving economics in law office administration and procedure.

The section has many exciting and practical educational programs planned to help members excel in their practice management, as well as personal and professional development.


Dues: $20
Chair: Joseph Horn
Vice-Chair: Chris Neal
Secretary: Sue Allen
Phone: 817.935.8899

2017 to 2018 Program

Wisdom – practice management skills and business development    Slide Presentation PDF
Wealth – how to setup and protect your practice (business, goal, and financial planning)    Slide Presentation PDF
Wine – mixers for enjoyment, family fun, and entertainment. 
– practice medical-based mindfulness to enhance cognitive strength and improve neuroplasticity, life-work balance, exercise tips, and manage stress.

Current activities:


Combining All W’s:  PEER Leadership Group – is meeting on Jan. 9 to continue the design and development of diverse attorney cross-coaching groups which will share practice management skills, business development, and make referrals.

Wellness Retreat on March 2, 12:30 to 4:30 (3 hours CLE).  Program will include national Iron Man / Mr. USA, TLAP, and other speakers.  Invest in yourself, come to this program – we know you will enjoy it and find practical value.

Mixer on Feb. 8.


Developing a notice posting forum for members to share practice-oriented information, requests, and updates – not advertising.

We have posted practice management CLE info on our web page.  If you have any practice oriented articles that you would like to submit for posting, please let us know.

Revision of By-Laws – please review attached By-Laws and submit your suggestions.  If you would like to be part of the revision committee, please let us know.

Implementing an archival process, through which we can save information on current programs so that future leaders will not be reinventing the wheel.  W

Exploring development of ‘best practice’ forms that are pertinent to every practice.  Please let us know if you would like to be involved in this or contribute.  Many form templates services do not always include recent developments or learned lessons….


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