Elder Law Handbook

The Tarrant County Bar Association has prepared the Elder Law Handbook to provide citizens of Tarrant County and the surrounding communities with information about issues commonly faced by an aging population. Much of the information contained in this Handbook is applicable to the general population as well as to senior citizens.

This Handbook is based on Texas State Law and Federal Law (where applicable) and is meant to inform, not to recommend. This is a general summary of the laws as they existed as of the eighth edition (Spring 2018), but there may be changes to the laws by the time you read this. Moreover, to be useful as a summary, the Handbook necessarily omits certain details, which may be relevant to your situation. Situations also differ, sometimes subtly, and what is appropriate for one person or family may not be appropriate for another. You should seek the advice of an attorney about your particular situation. This Handbook is not intended as a substitute for sound legal advice.

Click here for the Elder Law Handbook Eighth Edition (Spring 2018)

Rules of Distribution of Elder Law Handbook

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